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Art, sculpture and traditional cuisine at "Bellavista"

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The idea of building a welcoming local on hills of Citara Bay, along the trail which gradually climbs to Mount Epomeo, comes a day away many years ago, by the creative mind of Rodolfo Castiglione. With his son Francesco, who was at that time the enterprising young man and owner of the "Bellavista" restaurant today, Rodolfo decides suddenly to create something new, something "unique", unusual in setting the scene and the local surroundings. Everything literally starting from scratch.

"We are - explains Francesco – in a zone totally rural until fifty years ago. We dug into the rock, to extract these magnificent tables of stone". The reference consists of the so-called "pingo" (or "pinco" a rare and unique composition of lime and lapillus, which after being beaten on the roof for two days formed a mass of hard rock waterproof and athermic.

The construction of the first chair (in stone) suddenly inspired Rodolfo, victim of a stroke of genius: from the rock could come out authentic works of art, sculptures in stone. Exactly, they are 150 sculptures of various subjects that now adorn the walls and corners of this enchanting oasis, an essential stopping point for anyone who climbs Epomeo.

Among the most remarkable works of art we include a Christ in pumice stone and a great guitar, which seems occasionally to 'drop' notes into the air gracefully.

Similar to the sculptures are the colorful paintings of Francesco's mother, Giovanna d'Abundo, a sprightly woman with naive features. "In these compositions there is all the joy, all the creative talent of my mother - says Francis. It is easy to understand, in short, that I wanted to preserve in this place the memory of my parents, leaving intact their enthusiasm and passion alive of their creations."

But what is the Francesco's sign in 'Bellavista'? At first his experience in the field of gastronomy. A true adventurer, after more than ten years in Germany, he has inherited his father's passion, renewing the local level as well as it is today. As chef and entertainer handyman, Francesco takes care of every detail, farming products in the early morning (which he likes to call "0 km") which invents and prepares the dishes to be served with. Among the most important dishes there are herbed noodles with vegetables and paccheri. A little curiosity: the restaurant's name derives from the magnificent panorama from the lovely terrace, which is reflected in the sea, offering the visitors the view of the distant Ventotene, Citara Bay and the lighthouse of Punta Imperatore.

Useful Information

Montecorvo located in Via, 75 (Forio d'Ischia)

Reachable on foot in 15-20 minutes about

located about 1.2 km from the sports field in Panza.

Prices à la carte € 30 - € 65

Open from April to October


Author of this article: Luigi Orlandi

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